Nectar Services Corp: Delivering the Promise of UC

Nectar Services Corp: Delivering the Promise of UC

Tom Tuttle, SVP, Strategic Alliances and Enterprise Sales, Nectar Services CorpTom Tuttle, SVP, Strategic Alliances and Enterprise Sales
Albeit Unified Communications (UC) has been around for several years, many enterprises are still challenged to effectively deploy and manage UC across their environment. Today, UC manufacturers such as, Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, and Amazon attempt to assure seamless communication if a firm is leveraging their platform software exclusively. However, since the underlying enterprise network will quite often be the determining factor in overall UC success, it is critical that proper monitoring and diagnostics tools are in place. What complicates matters further, is when companies try to introduce and managed multiple UC platforms in their environment; this makes performance management increasingly complex. Tom Tuttle, SVP - Strategic Alliances & Enterprise Sales at Nectar Services Corp. confirms and underscores that multiple UC platforms are common in many large enterprises and their ability to quickly identify, isolate and remediate issues impacting users is a top priority. “This is where Nectar shines. We provide operations and engineering teams a centralized performance management solution to support their single or multi-platform UC network. Our core competency is helping ensure the UC user experience by collecting and correlating data that otherwise would require several disparate tools and significantly more time to resolve issues,” he adds.

Nectar’s Unified Communications Management Platform (UCMP) allows enterprises to effectively manage their UC voice, video, and collaboration applications, systems, and networks. This one-stop shop solution delivers exceptional platform, network, and endpoint performance management, including monitoring, diagnostics, and reporting capabilities.

When providing a high-level picture of UCMP’s capabilities, Tuttle explains the three distinct domains of any UC environment. First, the Platform domain; UCMP monitors, analyzes, and alerts on issues within the infrastructure of the UC application. Next, in the Network domain, Nectar evaluates session signaling, media quality and network path in real-time to proactively address any problems. “This enables service providers and enterprises the ability to quickly understand what needs to be corrected in the event of a network issue.”

Nectar’s Unified Communications Management Platform (UCMP) allows enterprises to effectively manage their voice, video, and collaboration applications, systems, and networks in a single or multi-platform UC environment

Lastly, there is the Endpoint domain, which includes critical information on the device, operating system, video unit or headset in use. The ability to collect and correlate the Endpoint information to a specific session helps to improve the overall health and performance of the UC experience for the user. Nectar’s ability to significantly reduce the time to remediate issues enabling companies to focus on core business objectives, reducing their UC TCO and improving their overall ROI.

For well over a decade, Nectar has played a critical role in addressing the needs of their enterprise clients, and many managed service provider (MSP) partners. Referring to one of its MSP partner, Tuttle mentions that this particular global MSP leverages Nectar’s UCMP in their managed service offering to provide performance monitoring, incident detection, and remediation for its client base. In one case, the MSP assisted a large US-based financial services firm in optimizing their communications infrastructure during their UC migration. The financial institution’s business encompasses a complex network with multiple UC platforms and vendors in the environment. With Nectar’s UCMP, the MSP was able to provide the financial services firm with a ‘single pane of glass’ view across their very complex environment, something no one else was able to do.

In looking ahead, Nectar will continue to innovate to provide unique, best-in-class software solutions to improve the UC user experience. Nectar will also continue to build strategic partnerships with key manufacturers in the UC marketplace. On the geographical front, the company currently serves North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific region having recently added significant presence in the India market.