Komodo Systems: Illuminating Network Blind Spots

Komodo Systems: Illuminating Network Blind Spots

Chris Hyland, CTO, Komodo SystemsChris Hyland, CTO
In the network management world, understanding and averting network blind spots remain one of IT’s greatest challenges. An inefficient network often leads to device failures, performance issues, discontented users, and even serious security threats. Thus, the ability to monitor blind spots has become mission-critical with today’s ever-growing use of wireless network systems. Determined to resolve these network monitoring setbacks, Utah-based Komodo Systems was established. The company helps enterprises understand and unravel the causes behind network latencies before they become critical.

Chris Hyland, CTO of Komodo Systems, explains, “There are times when the central network monitoring system will show no issues, but from a user’s perspective the network will continue to perform unsatisfactorily.” The need to assess a user’s network experience is evident to fully comprehend the quality of a network. “This is precisely where our aim lies: to alleviate network weak links,” Hyland adds. Komodo Systems accomplishes this through its flagship product—Komodo Eye. A patented network monitoring technology solution, Komodo Eye is a compact, wireless probe that is placed within the airspace to be monitored. It periodically monitors the typical user experience by connecting to the internet, accessing, and downloading information.

Hyland attributes Komodo Eye’s quick installation and cost efficiency as the two key drivers behind its huge success in the networking market. That said, the product is also known for its unique and simplified reporting parameters. Once Komodo Eye has conducted the tests and evaluated the results through its cloud-based analysis engine, users can view the outcome of the test in the form of grades—for example, A+ for a very strong network or D- in case the user experience was subpar—on the Komodo dashboard. The approach makes it easy even for a person with limited IT knowledge to consume the information readily. The product also allows enterprises to configure the tests as per their business’ network usability.

Komodo Eye’s quick installation and cost efficiency as the two key drivers behind its huge success in the networking market

For instance, Komodo Systems can integrate the API of Skype for Business into their testing parameters to create customized metrics to monitor the performance of the network during video conferences.

The robustness of Komodo Eye can be substantiated through its numerous client success stories. In one instance, a manufacturing company faced difficulty in understanding why their wireless assembly line equipment would stop functioning suddenly, even though there were no faults detected by the network management team. This inefficiency was causing the manufacturer huge losses every month. The company, therefore, employed Komodo Systems to remedy their crisis. Komodo Systems installed 97 Komodo Eyes to envelop the complete airspace of their three manufacturing plants that roughly spanned 500,000 square feet in total. (A single Komodo Eye covers about 6,000 square feet, depending on the material and density of the walls and floors.) On installing the devices, Komodo Eye could immediately pinpoint three different problems with the wireless network. Taking quick measures to resolve the issues, the client was able to decrease their monthly losses dramatically. Based on this initial success, the company is now deploying Komodo Eyes in their other manufacturing plants as well.

Apart from manufacturing companies, Komodo Systems also caters to education and hospitality industries. “In fact, hospitality is one of the sectors from where we initiated our solution offerings,” states Hyland. Tracing a full circle, Komodo Systems endeavors to re-focus on the hospitality sector this year while also branching out their offerings for the sports industry. The upcoming fourth generation of Komodo Eye—battery-powered and featuring NEMA enclosures—will make the product more promising in the sports realm. Coupled with the advancements in the enterprise networking domain, Komodo Systems’ roadmap also includes launching a consumer app to help individuals monitor their Wi-Fi network performance. “This will empower small businesses and households understand the problems in their network and ways to resolve them,” concludes Hyland.