CloudFabrix: Accelerating IT Performance

CloudFabrix: Accelerating IT Performance

Tejo Prayaga, Director, Product Management and Marketing, CloudFabrixTejo Prayaga, Director, Product Management and Marketing
As businesses are relying more and more on new age technologies such as cloud, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), every enterprise is exploring ways to streamline their hybrid IT environment. Bhaskar Krishnamsetty, CPO of CloudFabrix believes that IT organizations of today must be agile, efficient, analytics-driven, and most importantly, they must align with company’s business objectives. “Taking an outcome-driven approach for monitoring, analytics, and automation, CloudFabrix simplifies and unifies IT monitoring, operations and governance of both traditional and modern IT in a multi-cloud environment,” says Krishnamsetty. The company uses advanced analytics platform that takes into account a client’s business objectives and outcomes, and applies machine learning and AI to zero in on false alarms, helping operations teams to improve their productivity and efficiency.

The leadership at CloudFabrix is bringing its vast experience, entrepreneurial skills, and the industry knowledge in the areas of networking, cloud, and data center management to help businesses in their transformation to business aligned IT and also overcome limitations with their legacy IT systems.

At the outset, CloudFabrix captures business and IT operational objectives as outcomes. “We translate outcomes into a language and rules that underlying technology stack understands and complies with. This allows IT leadership to easily measure and track their initiatives while ensuring their IT assets are continuously monitored and secured,” says Tejo Prayaga, Director of Product Management and Marketing at CloudFabrix. CloudFabrix platform discovers IT resources including networking, infrastructure, cloud resources, and IT applications. CloudFabrix platform has capability to auto ingest data from multiple data sources, including inventory systems, CMDB, and other monitoring systems. Leveraging machine learning and AI, the platform provides governance score for each IT asset in the environment.
The platform provides real-time insights about health and performance of managed assets and can automatically trigger remediation workflows or create tickets. The machine learning and AI capabilities of the platform allow operations teams to detect and reduce the false alarms up to 90 percent and improve infrastructure utilization and efficiency.

Taking an outcome-driven approach to monitoring, analytics, and automation, CloudFabrix simplifies and unifies IT monitoring, operations, and governance of both traditional and modern IT in a multi-cloud environment

As more businesses are deploying new technologies such as SaaS and Containers in a multi-cloud environment, they are facing challenges in managing these new technologies with their existing legacy monitoring solutions. CloudFabrix platform allows customers to easily manage both existing and new technologies. “We have built our platform on microservices architecture with a cloud-native strategy, so clients can support monitoring of legacy and new technologies, with ease,” says Krishnamsetty.

For instance, a leading MSP facing challenges with its traditional tools and dealing with customer satisfaction issues was able to transform its operations by leveraging CloudFabrix monitoring platform. Using CloudFabrix platform, the MSP was able to focus on customer acquisition and growth by consolidating multiple tools into a single offering and achieve operational simplicity. The platform dramatically cut down the amount of false alarms which helped improve customer satisfaction. In another instance, a leading enterprise was facing challenges with long pending network infrastructure upgrades. CloudFabrix platform performed discovery for complete asset visibility and lifecycle management, enabling them to better plan the refresh cycle and avoid unnecessary risk.

CloudFabrix is advancing its platform by enhancing machine learning and AI capabilities and bringing it to different industry verticals such as healthcare and finance. In addition, CloudFabrix is planning to provide a SaaS platform by the end of this year, and expanding their partnership with MSPs, system integrators, and value-added resellers.