AppNeta: Bringing Better Network Visibility

AppNeta: Bringing Better Network Visibility

Matt Stevens, Chairman, President, and CEO, AppNetaMatt Stevens, Chairman, President, and CEO
The entry of cloud has opened up a new world of opportunities for enterprises with its high flexibility, computing power, and performance capabilities minus the exorbitant costs. However, despite its unparalleled potential, there is something that is often overlooked. Since the applications running on the cloud are hosted beyond an organization’s own network, in a third-party’s infrastructure, organizations using the applications don’t have visibility or control over their performance. Also, the rising trend of remote working is adding to the woes because applications are being used at locations beyond the direct and centralized reach of an organization. So neither an application’s point of hosting nor its point of consumption is under an organization’s purview. In such scenarios, traditional network monitoring applications fail as they only look into the user’s infrastructure. “The basic snapshot of a user’s infrastructure that these traditional solutions offer doesn’t really explain the actual performance of the application. Since day one, our vision has been to offer enhanced visibility into networks to provide organizations with crisp and clear actionable insights about application performance,” explains Matt Stevens, Chairman, President, and CEO of AppNeta.

Based in Boston, AppNeta provides proactive network and end-user performance monitoring solutions with a focus on remote/branch offices. The platform enables IT and network operations teams to measure and manages the performance of their business critical applications wherever they are in use. The 100% SaaS-based platform is completely deployed, managed, and updated AppNeta, and is available either as a multi-tenant public cloud or a dedicated private cloud offering. “Every dimension of the process is performed by our dedicated experts. Customers can simply log into the platform and experience the exceptional network monitoring intelligence from AppNeta,” adds Stevens.

AppNeta’s solution is comprised of three primary components—Delivery, Experience, and Usage.
‘Delivery’ is a network path-based solution that focuses on the underlying L2 - L4 health of the multiple end-to-end networks used to deliver any–all the way from wherever an application is hosted, including SaaS and public/hybrid cloud applications, to the end user. This patented approach leverages an active methodology to provide light-weight, continuous performance monitoring and SLA validation. It includes an AI-driven root-cause engine to pinpoint both the location and reason behind performance issues to drastically reduce MTTR and false positives. The second component, ‘Experience’ is all about quantifying and doing near real-time, consistent measurement of the end-user experience of web-based applications from the end user’s location. “We measure the end-user experience to understand web-based application performance and break that down into the core components of server, network and client. We then go deeper to understand the impact of how third-party plug-ins and DNS resolution time impacts overall end-user experience.” says Stevens. Lastly, through the ‘Usage’ component, the platform delivers pure packet-based performance visibility to automatically discover which applications are in use at a given location, which users are running them and reports per-app and per-user performance metrics. Usage has a built-in deep packet inspection (DPI) engine to automatically recognize and classify over 2,000 applications and can be extended by customers to cover internally developed applications too.

Due to the broad reach of the SaaS-based offering and the enormous amount of unique data being captured and processed daily, the platform recognizes broader performance patterns across locations and provides deeper insights to notify end-users based on the insight derived from other users of the service.

Stevens points toward an instance wherein AppNeta assisted one of the largest hospitality companies in the world in monitoring applications in use across their numerous remote locations, which again depend on connections from many different internet service providers. AppNeta was deployed as a pilot program in around 50 client sites and was able to seamlessly monitor the client’s network in all the locations. Today, AppNeta is working on expanding its services to the rest of the client’s 6000 locations.

Though a large part of AppNeta’s focus today is on North America, the company does provide solutions to organizations in over 80 countries worldwide. In the long run, AppNeta’s focus is on making their products smarter and more automated by adopting technologies such as machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

AppNeta News

The Appneta Performance Manager is Now SOC 2 Type 2 Certified

AppNeta, a top provider of 4-dimensional and actionable network performance monitoring, has cleared the SOC (System and Organizational Controls) 2 Type 2 examination with respect to AppNeta Performance Manager.

Fremont, CA: AppNeta remains the sole network performance assessment solution for analyzing network data by enabling a 4-dimensional approach, thereby facilitating end-to-end actionable insights from an end-user point of view.
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AppNeta Expands Go-To-Market Leadership Team To Further Accelerate Traction In Enterprise Market

BOSTON: AppNeta, the leader in actionable, 4-Dimensional network performance monitoring, announces that it has promoted Amanda Bohne to Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Riendeau to Senior Vice President of Global Sales, and Michael Mattei to Vice President of Enterprise Sales. This evolution in AppNeta’s go-to-market leadership structure signals the company’s commitment to expanding its global footprint while also continuing its rapid growth in North America.

Bohne joined AppNeta in June 2018 as the Vice President of Marketing, and, in partnership with Mattei and Riendeau, has been a driving factor behind AppNeta’s increased market presence and rapidly growing demand within the large enterprise market. The results she has driven at AppNeta have also earned her a spot on The Software Report’s 2019 list of the Top Women Leaders in SaaS. Bohne’s promotion to Chief Marketing Officer is representative of marketing’s evolved role as the strategic driver of the company’s go-to-market initiatives.

Reindeau has been with AppNeta for three years, leading the sales organization and driving the company’s shift up-market. Mattei joined AppNeta in 2012 as a Business Development Representative, and has ascended through the organization from entry-level seller to strategic sales leader. Now, Riendeau will lead strategic deals and international expansion, and Mattei will be responsible for all enterprise sales.

Over the past two years, AppNeta has seen a nearly 70% increase in headcount. This rapid growth is testament to the company’s ability to capture growing market demand for network monitoring that ensures the success of critical cloud, SaaS, and Internet transformation projects.

“The strong partnership between marketing and sales that Amanda, Mark, and Mike have fostered has been, and will continue to be, a huge factor in our success and growth,” said Matt Stevens, CEO of AppNeta. “This expansion of all three of their roles will enable us to double-down on penetration within the enterprise market, while also creating new opportunities for strategic partnerships and international expansion.”